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Ideal for Any Setting or Occasion

What should every wedding venue have in common with a construction site? Having a clean place to use the restroom in private is a luxury no one should be left without.

Before your next event, be sure to give Brannon's Portapot Rentals a call to order one of our clean temporary restrooms. We’ll transport your portable toilet to your event or job site throughout the greater Lewiston, Pennsylvania, area.

Our company offers two different types of toilets, disabled accessible and traditional. We also have options that allow users to enjoy the luxury of hand washing machines equipped with paper towels, soap, and clean water to wash and dry your hands.

Blue Portable Toilets

Cleanliness is Everything to Us

Sanitation plays an enormous role with our company. That’s why we choose to clean our temporary restrooms regularly. Our competitors will clean their portable toilets once or twice a month. We make sure to clean our toilets four times a month.

Rent First, Pay Later

Unlike most companies, we don’t make you pay before services are rendered. All the payment requirements will be handled afterwards. All you need to worry about is having a clean portable toilet wherever you need it.

Best of all, we continue to keep our prices among the most competitive in the industry. Contact a representative to discover our current rates.